Hey! My name is Jessica and I am 16. Megan and Liz are perfect.
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Megan and Liz have forever our hearts


Megan and Liz,

We now know how tough it has been on you girls! Seeing your label close and thinking ‘what if our dreams just crush down in front of our eyes’ and ‘what about our dearest fans?’. Honestly, it must have been VERY hard! We just want to let you know, that now we completely understand…

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Simple Life Lyrics


Yeah, these late nights
Aren’t what they used to be
Traded fireflies for every headlight that I see
The country roads that raised me
I see them now but as a memory
Everything’s good, everything’s fine
It’s somebody’s home but it’ll never be mine

You and me riding around in the chevy
Two green…

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breaking the silence.


Hello loves!

We love the relationship we have with you guys because we feel like we can tell you everything that’s going on in our lives and have you guys understand it fully. You have probably been wondering why we have sort of gone “quiet” lately.

Well, a week before Christmas, our lives…

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